Nitro Coffee: Make Your Morning Bubbly

Nitro Coffee: Make Your Morning Bubbly

The latest in a myriad of current culinary trends is nitro brew coffee. The exact origin of nitro coffee is fuzzy, but the first roaster to take the concept under their wing was Stumptown Coffee of Portland, Oregon. Since then, the company has distributed kegs and cans of the stuff to locations all over the country, and the method has certainly made an impression on coffee drinkers.

The process of brewing nitro coffee is surprisingly simple. It starts with a keg full of cold brew concentrate. The concentrate is pressurized with nitrogen gas and water as it dispenses from a tap. The resulting mixture creates a beautiful sight of swirling black and cream colors as it pours into a cup. Much like a stout beer on draught, nitro coffee has a slight foamy head. The nitrogen gas does not easily dissolve into the water, leaving a creamy taste and silky texture on the palate. It’s even recommended by many that the drinker does not add additional cream or milk, which would ruin the stout-like effect.

For those who enjoy nitro coffee enough to drink it at home, manufacturers such as Stumptown and Cuvee Coffee of Austin, Texas have canned their product. Like canned Guinness beer, they use a nitrogen filled capsule called a widget to replicate the infusion process. This process will recreate the creaminess and silky texture of nitro coffee straight from the tap in your own home. This unique way of enjoying coffee is seemingly here to stay, and you should believe the hype.

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